handshakeI have a long experience as a management consultant and trainer for many companies and institutions in Iceland. Examples of my consulting assignments include:

  • Coordinating strategic planning for larger and smaller organizations.
  • Coordinating the implementation of quality management systems for larger and smaller organizations.
  • Coordinating the start-up and planning of various types of projects of different scope and complexity.

HelgiHaukurAarhusTogether with Dr. Haukur Ingi Jonasson I have developed and led the very successful study programme Transparent Leadership and Sustaining Project Management which has been offered in Iceland since 2003. The overall aim of this program is to strengthen the four key managerial competences that are associated with leadership skills, communication skills, strategic planning skills and project management skills and consists of four courses accordingly. The program aims at teaching the students to develop their personal leadership style and link it to strategic project management that aims at moving from ideas, through planning to execution, in a convenient, appropriate and sustainable manner, within them selves, their teams, organisations and society.